COMBO - Both Programs- COBRA FIT & Fighting Systems - Current Members

COMBO - Both Programs- COBRA FIT & Fighting Systems - Current Members

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Product Description

Exclusive To Current C.O.B.R.A. Certified Schools- Only:

COBRA FIT Hard materials

*Instructor Manual *Certificates Post Test *Instructor T-Shirt *5 Student Manuals *10 COBRA FIT Glove Bags *5 Students shirts (please note sizes) *500 Business cards (please put name web and other info you want on the card)

You Also Receive

E-files that include:

*150 Royalty Free Fitness Pics *Digital Instructor Manual *25 Administrative Documents / templates *COBRA FIT Ads & Marketing art work *COBRA FIT Brand logo * Access To Wholesale COBRA FIT Branded Merchandise *Official COBRA FIT Brochure Inside & Out *License to Operate & Market COBRA FIT *Google map Placement *On Line Testing *Video tutorial * Unlimited Support By the C.O.B.R.A. Head Quarters via email / phone *****All 3 Fight For Success Books In Digital Form For Marketing and Content*** *5 mile exclusive territory


COBRA Fighting Systems:

Get the Long Term , Modern Adult Training Program from COBRA

For Current / Active licensed members only.

Hard Materials:

*Instructor Manuals *Instructor T-Shirts *Certificates - Post Test *5 Student T- Shirts (Please list sizes) *5 Student Tracking Manuals *10 Draw String Glove Bags

*****Also Included******

*E- Files with admin papers *Digital Instructor Manual *Official Branded Logo *License to brand and market the program *Access to C.F.S. Wholesale merchandise *Unlimited Support From The C.O.B.R.A. HQ via email/ phone *30% off seminars & Testing (if attending) *Online Testing *Video Tutorials *5 Mile Exclusive Radius

Please allow 7-10 days for all material to ship. Due to first run prints it may take a few extra days. .

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