Assistant Instructor Certification Fee For Licensed Owners

Assistant Instructor Certification Fee For Licensed Owners

Item# assistant-instructor-certification-fee-for-licensed-owners

Product Description

Owners can certify new instructors by requesting the "Proposal For New Instructor" Paper work and following the instructions .

This does not allow an assistant to have a license which protects owners from creating their own completion

They will be certified only to teach / train under the licensed Authorized training center who requested the proposal.

The paper work will be mailed upon request

Check List:

*Cover all techniques on-Break Down of techniques sheets. *Mark SP (skill proficiency) and initial each section. *Candidate must read entire Student manual. *Send in Breakdown of techniques list fully checked off. *A written test will be sent out and must be completed in front of school owner. *Candidate must complete test with an 80% or higher. *Pay the one time test FEE - this can be passed on to candidate. *Official Certificate and T-Shirt will be mailed out within two weeks.


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